3. What we can do until we correct the errors in this blogger's work


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Where there are publications and reviews, I'm only interested in the one that says “letter verification.”Whenever I activated the “no” option on my blog and saved it, he was reading what he knew and returning it to the “Yes” option.This has been corrected.Currently displayed as” no."

This option allows you to start the letter verification process by checking for spam when your readers write a comment. Most readers don't like this process and don't write you comments. It's good to have the option fixed.Believe me, I didn't like it either.

It was necessary, but an application could be made to follow it in the background like WordPress blogs (Akimment). So they did.They didn't make that statement but there's no other application they can make.

2nd ed. What are the errors that come with the innovations in blogger

The Blogger menu bar does not show” new entries " and icons for access to the control panel.It doesn't really matter.Errors in new applications.It's not the end of the world, just wait for it to get better.The sample image is given below.You may be experiencing such an issue.Note that there are no user icons in the section marked with the arrow.I've flagged the subject in the Feedback section.

3. What we can do until we correct the errors in this blogger's work

When you face a situation like this, there is a way that I apply.In you you can do it. On the page menu, type the word “my drawer” in the place, blogger.com/home I made a shortcut link. At times like this, I access the blog panel from here. Picture: Blogger / home menu link Link View

How to give blogger input link to menu link

How do we make the connection ;connection name:we select the area by selecting the area with our mausumuz over the HomeBağlantının.Link Link : https://www.blogger.com/homeYukarıdaki we paste the link under the selected area. We Test it and say OK.