Cod Mobile colours up with new update


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Cod Mobile colours up with new update

Call of Duty: Mobile has always ranked first among the most popular mobile games since it appeared in October of last year. After this success, their updates became highly anticipated. CoD Mobile is turning red with a new update.

Call of Duty League canceled an event!Call of Duty League canceled an event!
Call of Duty League agreed with YouTube on the broadcast rights, and this issue was a voice in the gaming world. The Hype War event, which was expected to take place on Sunday, has been cancelled.

CoD Mobile reached 35 million downloads in its first week of release, and at one time found itself featured on many people's smartphones. Now it's a beautiful red color with its new update. In addition to this, skins, different weapons and modes come across US in a dynamic way. The game features players with the Lunar Festival event, along with the new design of the PDW-57.

There's a new update that brings a new Lunar Festival event to Call of Duty: Mobile . This new event is called an entry event, which takes place until February 9. This event gives players the chance to acquire a variant of the PDW-57 – Lunar New Year weapon, as well as many other event-themed items. Players are required to log in every day throughout the event to earn all this equipment.

Call Of Duty: Mobile when can the new update be downloaded?
Assault rifle, Freak Show skin and many other parts of the new update comes with many awards. Of course, there aren't just prizes. Some bug and connection problems will be improved with the update. However, let's not forget that we have entered into this event update, the last event entries are due to be logged in by February 2. So you have the last few days to take advantage of this event!