Let's review the control panel innovations in blogger


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Let's review the control panel innovations in blogger
Blogger don't be surprised if you get a surprise welcome when you open your blogs.Blogger 2012 is on the move. Let's examine briefly what's new in the Blogger user panel.It is possible to experience some setbacks during this transition period.It is very important that you provide information about these glitches from the Feedback section at the bottom.The information you provide is collected in a pool, fixing errors, correcting add-ons.As with any innovation, it was possible to stumble upon this error in my bulugumdada. But don't you worry, wait and it will be fine.

Topics to examine :
1st. What's new in blogger

2nd ed. What are the errors that come with the innovations in blogger

3. What we can do until we correct the errors in this blogger's work

I would like to remind you once again that we can improve our Comment areas and SEO banana by writing bloggers from the comments section with each other for errors and solutions.One issue that should not be forgotten is that the comments are read by search engines and create an SEO effect.I would like to make it very clear to your bloggers that they are sensitive to this issue. Now let's examine our issues.

Blogger's view renewed

1st. What's new in blogger :

When you first open your blogs, you can see the blogger's view refreshed post, which I pictured above.When you enter your Blog panel;

Preview in the Update section :

Comments pending solutions this area has been moved, publications and comments, today's page view, records, viewers gathered in one column.Note that here >> there is a marking in the form of continuation.Clicking on this mark will get you to the link's home page. Just below it goes the same with news from the blogger.

If you notice here, you can see the article ”most frequent sources of traffic” between the picture and blogger news.

In the Page View section, there are 8 points at the bottom of the chart, which consists of 5 views, indicating the amount of pages per day.

The other statistics are linked to the underlying statistics.When you click, you immediately switch to statistics.Previously, we were looking at statistics by clicking when we landed on the bottom lines.This provided a more practical passage through the short path.

The earnings part has changed, and to me, it's a more understated look.I would love to hear your opinion about this.You reach the Adsense panel with the link that leads you under the Google Adsense script.At least the old rough look is gone.It's more polite and elegant.

Show ads on your blog: I guess everyone wants to show ads on their blog.If yes is not selected in this section of your blog, select certain. If you are new to the blog it will already give you a message message that you need to sign up for.The section that says show ads under my posts is the selection section to determine where you want your ads to appear on the home page.If your blog has custom streams, you can choose yes from the sub-options.If you don't have a special flow, leave it at no.I suggest you read the articles at the bottom that inform you.For your information enough.