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Summary Field
This section is a field where you can manually enter a brief summary of your content. When this field is left blank, the pages that list your content, such as homepage, category page, author page, from the first paragraph of your article to the character specified in a section of your article will be shown as a summary.

The summary field, if supported by your theme, appears immediately below your title after you publish your article. Some themes do not support this area, and they will not appear in your text even if you fill them out. But your article in this area comes to the fore in services such as RSS, which draws a summary about your article.

WordPress Writing Panel-Summary Area
Send Back Traces Section
When you link to other WordPress substructures in your posts while adding articles in WordPress, a feedback goes to that site. So the other site is notified.

The Send Feedback section was also used for feedback in previous versions. Except for the link in the text, the address of the site that was linked to this field was written.

But with the latest updates, this space has not needed to be filled. The link you add to the text is enough. So you don't need to use this space. You can uncheck the display preferences.

WordPress Post Space-Send Back Traces

Special Areas
The topic of custom fields in the WordPress post insertion process is a wide-ranging topic, which can also be addressed in a topic and requires code knowledge. So I'm going to talk about what works through an example.

Let's say you have a WordPress sub-built real estate site. On the page where the ads are listed, there should be some data such as Price Information, square meter information, number of rooms.

You can make this possible with the special areas section. Of course, you have to have coding knowledge to make such adjustments. Although you don't know coding and are looking for such custom functions, see a wordpress theme that contains the functions you are looking for.

WordPress Article Editor Custom Fields
Text Short Name
This area also has an old function. At the beginning of the article we discussed how to adjust the permanent link of our article. In the new versions, when we need to edit the permanent link, we can use the section I described. Naturally, we don't need this section.

Author Field
We can change the author of WordPress article in this area. WordPress hosting multiple authors will benefit from sub-built sites in this area, even if you do not write the article as you have written it allows you to show.

For example, you buy articles from outside for a fee. You have opened an author account for the person who wrote the article to enter the articles on the site. The writer is finishing the article. You can change the author of the WordPress article by selecting the author from this field before the article is published.

#If you want to do this in a shorter way, rather than by editing the individual or collective posts, you can look at the article titled Changing the author.