When it first opened the channel state


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When it first opened the channel state
November 2012 October 2012 opened his YouTube channel, Ruhi Çınet, 3-4 videos uploaded in November 2012, with 653 views is seen to have.

In November December 2012, Çenet, which has not yet started to generate revenue, is increasing its audience and subscribers in December 2012. Chinet, which increased its viewing figures from 653 to 7,630 in December, is gaining 23 subscribers. But there is no financial improvement. Çenet says that the number of subscribers is between 200 and 220 at this time.

In January 2013, the YouTuber managed to increase its views by three times, with 7,630 views, to 20,553. In January 2013, the subscriber earnings ratio was low, he said, offering his audience the following month's figures. In the meantime, let's say there was no gain in January 2013.

We see that Çenet, which increased its monitoring 3 times again in February 2013, has changed from 20,553 to 65,787. Ruhi Çenet, who started making money from this month, is observed to have only 13 TL 88 cents in income in February 2013.

In its fourth month on YouTube, Ruhi Çenet, who has reached 297,700 views without 65,787 views, earns £ 74.56. Subscription increase to 346 per month, the number of views on the channel increased 5-fold.

The YouTube channel of Ruhi Çenet, who earned £ 106.88 in April 2013, has been viewed 720,288. In other words, Chinet manages to increase the monitoring by 3 times compared to the previous month.

After 1 million views
In May 2013, çenet reached 720 thousand to 1 million views, increasing its revenue from 106 TL to 1,585 TL. The proportion here is pretty amazing. Because the number of views increased 3-fold while the gain shows a 15-fold increase. "The people who clicked on my ads were expatriate Turks who watched my videos abroad. I only had commercials in Germany and France. If making money in Turkey was open, I would start earning 500 - 600 TL monthly in my second third month. "he explained.

Its ratings and monthly earnings also increased in June 2013. His views topped 1 million 500, and he earned over £ 1,800 in revenue through YouTube that month.

Second year on YouTube
Exactly 1 year after starting YouTube monthly as a fixed income of 4 thousand TL began to Çenet, leaving Software Engineering at this stage, YouTube channel as a full-time job is turning to express. At this point, monthly views of the channel are approaching 3 million, while the number of new monthly subscribers reaches 10 thousand.

Only comes close to £ 500k from YouTube
Since it started, it has captured 333 million views so far, only YouTube ads 500 thousand TL in revenue is close to the express. Moreover, this income does not include brand collaborations and sponsorships. Chinet, the figure of 52 thousand you see above does not reflect the truth. He said that because he was working with an MCN firm at the time, some of the reports were deleted when the study ended. In the meantime, let's say that Ruhi Çenet, who earned 1.40 cents for a thousand impressions via YouTube, surpassed the earnings of CPM-based winning media channels.

You can watch Ruhi's video below, and you can find the "A to Z to YouTube and making money from YouTube" training he has prepared here.