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Wikipedia Neutrality

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One of Wikipedia's most important policies is its neutrality policy.[6] The objective point of view directive is one of the cornerstones of Wikipedia. In particular, all contentious issues should be written at equal distance from the sides of the debate. It should be noted that Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia of a nation, group, Team, class, religion. It is possible for anyone who knows that language to contribute to each language Wikipedia.

In the preparation of Wikipedia articles, facts are given instead of opinions. To give a simple example, the phrase" The Beatles are the best band in the world " is a bloodline and cannot be found on Wikipedia. However, the statement that" Thriller is the world's best-selling album ever " is a phenomenon and can be featured on Wikipedia with the record to show reliable third-party sources.

Articles with religious and political content in particular are the ones that have been attacked the most on Wikipedia, setting the stage for battles for change. On Wikipedia, relative definitions such as "martyr", "terrorist", "hero" are avoided. Direct or indirect insults are not tolerated. When referring to religious persons, adjectives such as "Hazrat", "Saint", "Supreme" are not used.

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Wikipedia is governed by the principle of neutrality
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All Wikipedia's currently have 305 language versions, 295 active language versions (with more than 100 items). There are a total of 51,985,449 articles in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is independent of each other in every language. The contents are not necessarily the same as in other languages, or the items do not have to be translated to each other. Automatic translations of articles are not allowed, but nevertheless, wikipedists in other languages themselves translate these articles. Neutral points of view are advocated in many languages, but they can make changes according to the laws and rules of the country in which they are located. Articles and images are shared across Wikipedia. Any Wikipedia can request a translation from another language. In addition, the Wikimedia Commons repository also contains media files used by all Wikipedia users. Translated files in many languages on Wikipedia represent a small portion.

According to Alexa, 61.58% of Wikipedia visitors visit the English Wikipedia site.[7]

The following list shows the wikis with over 1,000,000 articles as of January 23, 2020.

English (6.007.270))
Sebuanca (5,378,584)
Swedish (3.738.894)
German (2.392.121))
French (2.176.109)
Dutch (1.994.060))
Russian (1,594,248)
Italian (1.579,949)
Spanish (1,574,524))
Polish (1.382.219)
Varayca (1.263.905 ))
Vietnamese (1.239.311 ))
Japanese (1,187,623))
Chinese (1,093.083 ))
Portuguese (1.019.506)